High Security

Preventing unauthorised access to secure sites is vital in the current climate of heightened security and our new Slide Bar Gate Lock and the Claw Gate Lock have been designed for critical infrastructure applications. Our gate locks have been extensively tested and proven to the highest standard, including corrosion resistance, and can be easily interfaced with existing access control systems for remote operation.

Our Gate Lock range has been developed in cooperation with Government agencies for perimeter fencing. Our high security locks provide greater reliability, ease of use and significantly extended life spans in comparison with anything else currently available.

Following a strategic review of our product range we have taken a decision to discontinue production of the Kaye Rota range of padlocks as of 31 January 2019. The decision follows a period of consultation with customers and all affected customers have been notified of this change. Should you have any queries please contact Simon Teagle, simon.teagle@assaabloy.com

For further information on our custodial locks and hatches or high security products please email sales@pkaye.co.uk