Warrior Doors Mayfair

Warrior Doors Mayfair

25th April 2018

Moped gang foiled by combination of Warrior Doors and Pickersgill-Kaye’s locks

A high security performance door manufactured by Warrior Doors Ltd, backed up by a Pickergsill-Kaye locking system, once again came to the rescue of a high value retailer, this time during a raid in broad daylight in Mayfair, London.

The New Bond Street watch shop was even open for business as usual the very next day with minor disruption, while maintaining the original doorset and locking, following the failure by the gang to breach the retailer’s defences.

Just like a failed ram-raid attack that took place in Birmingham, the would-be thieves had to flee the scene empty-handed after finding the robust resistance of the Warrior Doors’ and Pickersgill-Kaye’s security solutions – along with the brave response from the public –- too much to overcome.

A moped gang, which was thought to be responsible for a break-in at another jeweller’s in the capital the previous evening, attacked the shop front with sledgehammers but the Warrior Doors system and Pickersgill-Kaye security lock withstood the barrage of blows before members of the public intervened and chased the gang away.

James Strouts, who is head of security at the outlet, told the Daily Mail: “Fortunately we operate a closed-door policy, people have to be buzzed in. As you can see they had not a chance of getting through.” It was another spectacular display caught on CCTV of the exacting standards of attack that a Warrior Door fitted with a Pickersgill-Kaye lock can withstand, keeping the occupants inside the premises safe as well as protecting high value goods.

This followed the foiled raid on a jeweller’s in Birmingham which featured a driver of a BMW 5 Series repeatedly ramming the car into the front of the jewellers’ shop but unable to smash his way through to gain access, perfectly demonstrating the attack-resistant qualities of Warrior Doors’ and Pickersgill-Kaye’s high security products. Warrior Doors’ security systems and Pickersgill-Kaye’s portfolio of locks are specifically designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest technical standards to complement the modern workplace, critical national infrastructure applications and high value retailers such as jewellers’ outlets.

The range of locks, bolts and fittings by Pickersgill-Kaye, a trading division of ASSA ABLOY the global leader in door opening solutions, has been developed to meet exacting standards of physical attack but maintain safe and easy exit.

Locks are tested to European BS EN standards for panic and emergency exit as well as undergoing independent blast testing, cycle testing in excess of 1 million cycles and being fire tested, to BS EN standards, as part of a secure door set.

Pickersgill-Kaye’s locks are designed on state-of-the-art CAD software and are subjected to extensive and challenging testing on key operation, lock construction and overall durability and resistance to attack, in order to satisfy the operational requirements of national and international market sectors. Approvals include certification to LPS 1175 Issue 7 Levels SR3 and SR5 and government standards.